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The Organic Farm Gate Opening - November 2013

The Organic Farm Gate Official Opening – November 2013

Who…are you?

The Organic Farm Gate Pty Ltd

We are Australia’s largest network of certified organic growers.

What…do you do?

We work together to plan, grow, pack and distribute a range of fruit and vegetables year round. The Organic Farm Gate Pty Ltd was established by a group of Australian farmers to provide structure behind the further development of the Horticultural Organic Category. We co-ordinate supply from key farms across the country to supply core lines every day of the year.

The generational commitment through our founders speaks volumes about the custodianship of the land which is reflected in the commitment to better manage the supply chain. Bauers Organic Farm – 5th generation, Wombat Forest Organics 6th generation and 3 generations on Googa Organic Farms.

Our vision collectively is to manage the organic category for the benefit of all; to give it vision, leadership and structure so that we all prosper from the riches of our organic land.

We are passionate about real organic food that tastes great, is of the highest quality, is full of nutrition and is good for your health and the environment. All our farms are certified organic to Australian and National standards and owned by Australian families.

Where…are you located?

Our head office and packing facilities are located at 88 Carpendale Road, Carpendale QLD 4344 – in the Lockyer Valley. Our growers are located across Australia.

What is your organic story?

We are a group of experienced, high quality producers. As leading growers we are working together, planning and learning from each other to produce some of the best food in Australia – all year round. The Organic Farm Gate Pty Ltd was formed to provide a service and a support network for other like-minded growers for professional planning, packaging and distribution of certified organic fruit and vegetables. The group has also expanded to include a large modern, certified packing facility based in Queensland that is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary in November 2015. Our facilities further enhance our capabilities and we are currently developing our strategies in the domestic and international markets.

What do you love most about your business?

Our growers work together by learning from each other in growing techniques, their differing regions across the country providing supply that does not compete with each other but enhances each other’s offering. Our growers give generosity in mentoring other growers and their drive to make the industry more cohesive is at the heart of our culture and needs to be celebrated.

And….any good stories to share?

The newest crop from The Organic Farm Gate is our Certified Organic ZING Ginger; it is in season now and harvesting has begun! Anthony Bauer from Bauer’s Organic Farm has grown the ginger crop himself and knows how good this product is for you.  Anthony uses certified organic ginger daily in fresh juices, teas, stir fries, curries, soups and more.

Ginger has been known for its medicinal purposes and many health benefits for centuries. Its positive effect on digestion is well-known but it’s also used to treat nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, colds, flu, headaches and coughing.

With so many health benefits of Certified Organic ZING Ginger, we are sure you will find your inner ZING! Certified Organic ZING Ginger can be found in supermarkets and organic food stores across Australia.

For recipe ideas and information go to and for further information about our business go to

Farmgate packing facilities

Farmgate packing facilities