Profile of the month – Converte Plantfood

converteWho…are you?

Converte Plantfood – we are an Australian owned, premium, super nutritious, natural health company.  We produce a range of plant food products and are currently developing a range of super nutrient animal health products including aquaponics solutions.

What…do you do?

We help rebuild earth’s lost nutrients back into the food chain!  Using modern agriculture and food production systems we see up to 50% reduction in the mineral density of our produce. This results in the increase of Nutrient Deficient Disorder (NDD) globally.

Where…are you located?

Our products are made locally in Griffith, NSW.  We love visitors so feel free to drop in and visit us – details at:

When…did you become certified?

Converte Plantfood products became certified in 2013.

Why…did you become certified?

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certification is a trusted premium health mark. It supports our core health proposition and helps consumers worldwide differentiate between Converte and all the unhealthy chemical and synthetic products sold to farmers and home gardeners, which do not produce natural premium super nutrition.

What… is your organic story?

The Converte story began back in 1996 with a brilliant mineralogist and horticulturalist, David Menne, in Western Australia. He was an early innovator in organic super nutrition and understood the health issues resulting from modern agricultural systems. These systems focused on the minimal nutrients required to grow foods, so as consumers we were eating foods that were nutrient shallow, not nutrient rich. To help rectify this issue, David invented a super-efficient natural chelator that helped increase the minerals and vitamin intake by plants that resulted in nutrient dense foods. He then coupled this solution with a rich formulation of seaweeds, earth minerals, natural vitamins and natural saccharides that resulted in the universal plantfood solution, the core of our organic health system that rebuilds lost minerals into our food chain. Further trials and testing over the past 15 years resulted in our current mineral rich formulations – Seed primer, Plantfood and Foliar Spray.

What… do you love most about your business?

Our team is passionate about helping to rebuild lost nutrition back into the food chain. There are two things we love the most – one, when our farmers benefit from the Converte health system (healthier soils and premium nutrient rich produce that they get rewarded for) and two, when we consume the results from this passion – the amazing food that has benefited from the Converte premium health system – whether it is the wheat, grapes, pork and lamb from our organic farmers, or the nutrient rich produce that comes from our own Converted home gardens – lettuce, chilies, eggs, broccoli and corn to name a few.

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