Planning your organic garden

Need to know what to plant and when? This crop list is great to print and stick on the fridge, so you know the best time to get planting.

Steve Falcioni from Organic Crop Protectants says basil is the champion of all herbs and loves the warmer months. Plant some now in a pot beside the backdoor, or on a sunny windowsill, so you can enjoy the fragrant leaves every day.

Click on the image below to download.

AOrg011_Crop List A3_240914jpg_Page1

Find out why organic gardening and farming matters here.

Australian Organic Awareness Month: Week 1 – Garden and Farm is proudly brought to you by Organic Crop Protectants and Seasol. We’ll share more about them this week (Oct 1-8) and how you can use their products to garden and farm organically.