Pete’s top 3 health and wellness tips

Pete Evans is an Australian Organic goodwill ambassador, celebrity chef, health coach, restaurateur, media personality, author and more… His passion for fresh, healthy organic food led him to study nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

“My philosophy is simple – the more great stuff you put in, the less room or desire there is for the bad stuff. I think eating real food is what it’s about,” Pete says.

Pete’s top 3 tips are all about simple healthy living…

  1. Hydrate with the only drink our species needs….water! Yes that is all, however keep in mind to search for quality spring or rain water or filtered water to replenish our thirsty bodies.
  2. Breathe deeply and take time out to meditated and quieten the mind.  It cannot be underestimated the profound effects for your mind and body that breathing properly has on it.
  3. Sleep is one of the things we often neglect, and I have to say it is the thing I put more emphasis on than anything in obtaining good health there is no competition for staying up and watching another mindless TV program or surfing the net until your eyes are hanging out of your head. Remember to get a restful nights sleep if true health is what you after.


Pete always says to cook with love and laughter, so get a little joy  in your life with one of his delicious organic recipes.