Opportunity for strategic input from organic business people. What do you think and want? 

An Organic Industry Working Group is liaising with the DPM’s office and DAWR, reviewing how industry will fund some generic ‘benefit to all’ areas including standards, market integrity and market access.

While there is much passion and divergence on how best to structure or approach this, it is vital business members cast their views on these issues over the coming months.

Australian Organic Ltd has focused on ensuring whatever structures are in place are fundamentally practical, representative of the majority and financially viable. This is why some structures and organisations have failed our test or performed poorly to date.

What is critical is that the industry itself continues to set its own agenda, standards and representation, not government and not interest groups without ‘skin in the game’.

Democracy, like business, belongs to those who turn up.

We want to ensure that the lifters of this industry remain in charge of setting the agenda which is why we are actively engaging.

Contact us in the weeks ahead if you have not heard from Policy Partners or us directly (via our eNews) on these issues.  Industry members will have opportunity for feedback and input at industry forums over the two months ahead.

Contact: (07 3350 5706) or alternatively, contact@staging.austorganic.com