Message from the Chair – November 2015

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic

Australia is about to experience the biggest and most important awards for organic products in the industry’s history. Watch this space for announcements!

Behind every Australian Certified Organic product and the Bud brand sits endless hours of meticulous checking, auditing, testing and spot inspections. And that’s after endless hours of labour of love of the farmers and food, beverage, textile and cosmetic makers who toil to produce these amazing products for you.

The fees we charge as a not-for-profit member organisation are invested back into protecting, educating and promoting the certified organic message. Your membership fees help with this cause.

With Christmas fast approaching don’t forget that with some simple purchases you can not only make it a great day for your closest friends and loved ones but also express your support for the hard working families whose own acts are helping keep our shared environment freer from synthetic chemicals.

Australian Certified Organic: leading standards, leaders of industry, leading to a better healthier environment and families for us all.