Message from the Chair – January 2016

Andrew Monk, Chairman

Andrew Monk, Chairman

Happy New Year and welcome to an incredible jam packed year ahead for Australian Certified Organic producers and marketers. For those who thought 2015 was a high water mark for events, new mainstream promotions and a refreshingly new level of professionalism across our group in servicing the organic industry, the best is yet to come.

We trust you are having a break like our support office team has been during the Xmas break – though always on call and active for exporters and to respond to market issues.

2016: the best in Australian Certified Organics is yet to come. Join us for the ride!

PS 2016 is the year to make sure you are a certified organic business member of the Australian Organic group. There is simply far too much to otherwise miss out on with possibly the world’s best organic trade services group.