Message from the Chair – February 2016

Flavourmakers and directors

L-R: Flavour Makers’ Toni Griggs, Culinary Development Technologist and Adrian Cester, CEO, AO Board Director Kim Morgan and Chair, Andrew Monk.

New opportunities for producers to supply 

One of the most amazing aspects of being involved in the organic movement is its incredible diversity. As a consumer you literally have a complete lifestyle of choices at your fingertips now, from clothing and cosmetics, to amazing foods – including the indulgences of chocolates, coffees and beyond.

The past month we have been busy getting around to our member producers, old and new. We hope you enjoy the photo gallery (below) tracking some of this, or check out our FB posts. There remains a theme of under supply of sufficient Australian produce for the growing demands of the markets – here and abroad. Of course this is not across the board – so producers beware and please talk to the marketplace to gain direct information on demands and needs.

Last week we were out and about visiting clients and members, including:

Kim also enjoyed dinner at a vegetarian restaurant (which had Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz by the glass) with Vinita & Dushyant from Bhumi Organic Cotton.

If you are a producer thinking of expanding production, diversifying or getting involved with organics for the first time, here’s a little sample of some of the latest companies joining our group and placing the respected Australian Certified Organic logo on new products. These companies specifically want to fill the gaps where there is not sufficient Australian product right now – while wanting to make a particular statement in the marketplace about the Australian-ness of their products.

Flavour Makers are looking for farmer partners for a range of new vegetable and fruit manufactured products. Contact Toni Griggs at

Garrick and Meaghan from The Functional Beverage Company desperately want to contract large volumes of herbs and spices. Contact Garrick at

Perfection Fresh are seeking farmers wanting to produce large volumes of broccolini under licence. Contact Chris at

Oliver’s Real Food are looking to source produce. Contact Alasdair at

And there are many more.

The growing network of Australian Organic is very proud to be host to the best organic producers and leaders in our country. Watch out for notices through this year for networking events to be in touch with some of these innovative business people, to help you expand your own organic business dreams.

It is always enjoyable to get out and meet with clients and members and we thank them for taking time out of busy schedules to show us around farms, factories & premises.

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic