Message from the Chair – December

Andrew Monk, Chairman

Andrew Monk, Chairman

This year has been a cracker for Australian certified organic businesses and their products. If you have missed news on the Awards for Excellence, Australian Organic Awareness Month, our latest CSA ad featuring Zoe Naylor and much more you are seriously missing out.

You can find the links to most of these events here. If you are a certified business with our group but not an actual member of Australian Organic you may be limiting your business’s future access to important industry and market information including networking events while simply missing out on a new package of benefits being created by our team. Click here to contact us if you want more information on this.

We wish you the best for the coming holiday and festive season for those who celebrate that time. What definitely happens predictably at this time of year in Australia is a drop off in demand for ACO organic products in the big cities as people flee to the coast. Wherever you are these holidays don’t forget that your active, conscious choices to buy Australian Certified Organic not only bring benefit to you and family but also to our hard working, committed organic producers.

We thank-you for your ongoing support for the Australian Organic family and its proud network of leading certified organic business people.