Meet Kellie

Kellie headshotIf you want to apply for organic certification or if you’ve got a question about your existing certification Kellie Lewis can help you. Kellie is the general manager of client services at Australian Certified Organic and she can help you with all of your initial queries.

Most of the staff at Australian Certified Organic is here for their technical expertise; however Kellie is the one to talk to when you have feedback and questions.

Kellie says, “There is more to becoming certified organic than submitting an application form.

“Clients have long term relationships with their certification body because businesses change and organic standards are updated. You are likely to have lots of questions along the way that are unique to your business or industry and I’m here to help you with those.”

Kellie has been with Australian Certified Organic for nine years and knows the issues that face certified organic businesses. She is also the first port of call for Australian Organic’s new onboarding program, launching in July.

As the country’s largest certifier, Australian Certified Organic receives hundreds of applications each year but not all are successful. Australian Organic recognises producers need more support to become certified and be a profitable and sustainable business. We have launched a new onboarding program that holds your hand every step of the way to make sure you’re successful.

The program is in collaboration with the Agribusiness Development Institute, a specialist company that provides the knowledge and know-how to work with you to ensure you get your business in its best possible shape.

Read here to find out more about the Australian Organic Onboarding program which helps you become certified organic or improve your already certified organic business or simply get in touch with Kellie 07 3350 5716.