Labelling Guide and Logo updates

ACO has created a labelling guide to assist clients to better understand the labelling requirements related to logo use and organic standards.  The full labelling guide can be found here.

Earlier in May this year ACO changed the requirements for the use of the “Australian Certified Organic” logo.  The Federal Government has recently announced changes to Country of Origin labelling laws, which will commence operation on 1 July 2016.  Following this, and in consultation with clients, retailers (big and small), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and consumers, we have made the decision to make changes to our own labelling regime.

To comply with these new laws, from 1 July the current “Australian Certified Organic” logo will only be available for use on products that meet the Federal Government’s new “Australian” standard.  That is, a product must be 100% Australian; this means grown, produced and packed in Australia with no aspect of its composition, ingredients or processing coming from or taking place outside of Australia.

For all other certified products that do not meet these criteria, we have developed a new logo for use:

ACO Imported product logoMore information

More information about the upcoming changes can be found in the Federal Government’s communique, located here:

For a copy of the new logo, please contact the ACO office by telephone on 07 3350 5706 or email