Friends of Australian Organic

Emmily Makeup ArtistDo you need a makeup artist?

This month we wanted to introduce you to Emmily Banks. Emmily has been supporting Australian Organic this month using her talents as an organic make-up artist for our shoots for TV.

Emmily is a Sydney-based make-up artist of over eight years. As the creator of the online beauty blog she is a firm believer in all natural, organic, nourishing and ecofriendly cosmetics. Through her blog, she is advocating for greater understanding of the toxins in cosmetics and how users can avoid them to live an absolutely healthy, chemical free life. She was the makeup artist for the Australian Organic Awareness Month campaign with Healthy ME and helped glam up the ambassadors. We asked her: why organic make up?

‘Health and wellbeing has always been a priority in my life. When I decided to study Makeup Artistry I was also tossing up studying a Naturopathy course, so it’s not much of a surprise to me that I’m now teaching the importance of using natural beauty!’, Emmily laughs. ‘I became really uncomfortable representing products and brands that I knew were getting the job done well, but weren’t necessarily beneficial or nourishing for the skin. So I started looking into natural and certified organic beauty. When I realised it was just as effective as the toxic mainstream brands, I made the full transition and committed to using only natural, organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free beauty.’

Organic produce is obviously beneficial for the body, but women (and men) around the world are surprised to see that the results of using organic make-up are better than the mainstream products available in pharmacies. ‘My clients always comment on how fabulous their skin feels whilst wearing natural and organic beauty – there’s no irritation or stinginess, plus it barely feels like you’re wearing makeup at all! It’s so lightweight and allows the skin to breathe. I have also had clients with highly sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea, who have reported it completely clearing up once making the transition to certified organic beauty and skincare.’

As the driving force behind the blog Depths of Beauty, Emmily is inspired to share information and life-changing facts about nontoxic beauty – and claims she won’t stop until she has helped millions of women to detox their makeup bags! Her aim is to create deep beauty, filled with self-love, confidence and happy, healthy living. ‘I think Australian Organic Awareness Month is an absolutely incredible initiative to create greater awareness around the importance of using and consuming certified organic products. Ultimately I believe our health and wellbeing, and that of our planet, depends on society realising just how vital it is to live as toxin-free as possible. Hopefully Australian Organic Awareness Month will help people to realise just how easy and important it is to make the right choices.’

Emmily knows that beauty comes from the inside. One of her favourite ACO products is Orchard St’s Cold Pressed Juices and Smoothies. ‘I am a huge advocate of hydrating and nourishing our bodies with mineral and vitamin rich juices for easy and quick cellular absorption to support and promote a healthy, energised body! Orchard St has the highest quality, most delicious blends of juices and smoothies on the market and I just can’t get enough of them! Seriously, I drink around 10+ per week.’

Emmily offers workshops, personal makeovers and consults, and will keep blogging about cruelty-free, toxin-free, all-natural and organic products on her blog and her soon to be launched YouTube channel.