Interested in a SA Grant for non-GM or additional certification?


Could a grant for non-GM or additional organic certification help your business grow and contribute to South Australia’s growing $18.2 billion dollar food and wine industry? 

In 2013, the market research company Organic Monitor estimated the US organic market to be worth $34.6 billion, Germany $10.8 billion, France $6.27 billion and China $3.42 billion (and growing fast) compared with $1.7 billion in Australia.  Would you like a grant to help you access big international markets by gaining organic certification to US, European, Japanese, Korean or Chinese organic standards?

Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) are currently taking applications for ‘Building South Australia’s Premium Food and Wine Credentials Grant Program – Non-GM and Organic’ (Round 3).  The applications close 5:00pm Wednesday, 9 November 2016.

As noted in PIRSA’s newsletter ‘Demand for non-genetically modified (non-GM) foods is expected to double by 2019, providing a huge economic boost for South Australia.’

‘The non-GM market value is growing more rapidly than the global food market value – with a value of $678 billion in 2014, which is expected to reach more than $1,234 billion by 2018. Our non-GM status is a significant selling point for South Australia’s food and wine international markets, and we want to ensure we continue to capitalise on this growth’

The PIRSA grants are dollar for dollar voluntary contribution grants, and their purpose is to offer ‘support in assisting food and beverage businesses and industry associations to help attain industry standard third-party certifications that will support achievement of either or both of the following aims: (a) accessing new or higher value markets for product, or (b) contributing to premium positioning and achieving superior prices for products.’   Two theme examples provided by PIRSA in their ‘Guidelines and Assessment Criteria September 2016’ document noted the example projects as ‘Achieving non-GM or organic standard third-party certification to meet the requirements of an identified new or potential customer(s)’ and ‘achieving non-GM or organic standard third-party certification on products to distinguish optimum qualities from other similar competitors.

Australian Certified Organic has recently released Australia’s only non-GMO certification standard and is offering non-GMO certification to all clients currently certified organic.  Please contact us on 07 3350 5706 to talk to one of our certification officers about our non-GMO certification and what it can offer you.

Please read the Guidelines and Assessment Criteria September 2016 (linked here) and Application Form (linked here), for more detailed information.  The PIRSA article on non-GM growth can be read in full at

For full details on the grant guidelines and any queries, please contact Marc Jones from Primary Industries and Regions SA on 08 8429 0497 or