In the Spotlight : Therese Kerr, Australian Organic Industry Leadership Award Winner 2015

Therese1optWhat makes a Leader? We talk to Therese Kerr, Australian Organic Industry Leadership Award winner for 2015 to find out.

Tell us about yourself….

After having had tumours in my spleen in 2001 and having had my spleen removed in 2002, and also after having had endometriosis so bad that it prevented me from having four children that I always dreamed of, I became intrigued as to what I had done to my body to cause my body to react that way.

Since 2001 I have been researching health and wellness and I take a holistic approach to health as I believe you can’t have true health if there is an imbalance in any aspect of your life.

I have had, and continue to have, the pleasure of working with some incredible medical doctors, professors and researchers, all of whom have contributed considerably to the knowledge I have obtained on well-being. Although I take a holistic approach to health, I focus predominantly on the area of toxicity within the body from the use of everyday skin, hair, beauty and personal care items. Why? Because this is an area, like myself for many years prior to having had tumours in my spleen, that few people understand the ramifications of.

Our world was once organic. Sadly, now it has to be labelled certified organic for it to be good for us. Who I am is an advocate for change, an advocate for us returning to a world that is clean, free from toxins and free from the alarming rate of illness we currently find ourselves in.

What…do you do?

I lead by example, dedicated to health and wellness and to helping educate others on the subject of chemical toxicity in particular and the impact of that on our, our children’s and the planet’s health. In Australia, compared to other countries around the world, our awareness on this subject is limited.

Currently in Australia, cosmetics (broadly defined as skin, hair, beauty, personal, baby, men’s, candles – basically any product that you find on the cosmetics floor of a department store) contain chemicals that have mostly never been tested for safety and that are used in cosmetics on the basis they are safe until proven otherwise. There is no pre-market or health testing done on any product prior to it being released onto the Australian market so the rules in relation to the manufacturing of cosmetics, in my opinion and in the opinion of many health professionals, needs to change.

I don’t just educate on what isn’t in our certified organic products; we produce the highest quality ACO (Australian Certified Organic) products that contain extremely high levels of antioxidants and nutrient-rich ingredients that support, not hinder the body.

We understand that knowing makes no difference. People can be educated on this subject but unless they take action and have the ability to take action and purchase healthier alternatives then the knowledge is useless, hence why we not only educate, but provide healthy solutions by way of the Divine Company certified organic products.


Where…are you located?

The Divine Company are an Australian-based company. We manufacture in Australia, we are Australian-owned and operated with our warehouse in Tweed Heads.

Our commitment is to always be Australian owned and operated and to only manufacture in Australia to provide the world with the most beautiful and effective certified organic products. We are perfectionists and love what we do and efficacy of products is vital to developing the certified organic industry as people will only purchase products that actually work and ours certainly do.

Why…did you become certified?

Our commitment to ourselves, our planet and to others is to provide the highest quality certified organic products at all times so that we can assist in transforming the health of people and our planet.  We create products where the efficacy of our products exceeds any conventional product.  Our products are free from synthetic chemicals, are free from GMO ingredients, are from nature as only nature intended. All of the ingredients are listed on the label, sourced sustainably (God knows we need that for our planet), are cruelty free, and have full traceability from earth to store.

Sadly under the current laws in Australia, a company can claim something is “organic” if it has one natural ingredient, yet it can contain literally hundreds of chemicals and still be classed as “organic”. Certification takes out the guess work for people but the key is not to be fooled by companies showcasing their own company-made so-called organic logos.  To be truly certified organic, the product must contain a registered logo of a reputable and recognised certification body. Australian Certified Organic is, in my opinion, the most stringent and diligent certification body in Australia and fast becoming recognized as that around the world.  We are extremely blessed in this country to have such a reputable and highly acclaimed organisation who are proactive in bringing about change in the labelling laws and ensuring consumers get what they pay for when it comes to certified organic in all aspects.

What do you love most about your business?

Making a difference to others. Having the grace of people’s listening. Being a perfectionist and creating products that have incredible efficacy far superior (and our testimonials are showcasing our product efficacy) to conventional,  as we formulate to the highest standard possible and seeing the difference our products make to people’s lives. We have received the most heart-warming testimonials showcasing incredible results with people’s skin. Amazing results with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and in making people feel healthy and well.

Congratulations, you were awarded the 2015 Australian Organic Industry Leadership Award for all the tireless work you do for the organic industry. Could you please let us know what you have been doing and how you feel your work is contributing to promoting certified organic in Australia and overseas?

All of the above, as I live and breathe certified organic in every aspect of my life.  Why do I do this? Because I understand that every choice I make is either moving me away from or moving me toward health so why would I take the risk of eating or putting something on my body that is not healthy for me.

I will continue to lead the way in relation to creating awareness around certified organic. Why? Because our country, our world, our kids and our future depends on us returning to organic as it used to be. When we understand what we do to our animals, to our planet and what we ultimately do to ourselves and our health, then the health of our planet will shift. The way not to do that is to have certified organic become the norm within society and we are getting there, it might take a few more years, but the world is waking up to the fact that things have to change – we can’t continue on the path we are on.

And….any good stories to share?

In August this year we are releasing the most incredible age-defying certified organic skin care – using the latest powerful plant-based botanicals to slow down the ageing process, to support life and health.  I can’t wait to share this with the world! The ingredients we are using and the results people will achieve from using our products will literally be astounding.

We have the following products available:

Divine By Therese Kerr personal care products:


Sanitising Hand Gel

Tooth Mousse (healthy Tooth paste alternative)Therese Kerr of The Divine Company 2

Mouth Rinse

Moisturising Hand Wash

Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion

Moisturising Body Wash

Naturally Bronze Self Tanner

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Fresh Breath Spray

Ylang Ylang Deodorant

Divine Man – Men’s products:

Shave Gel


Baby Products:

Calming Baby Wash

Calming Baby Shampoo

Moisturising Baby Lotion

Soothing baby Balm

Mum’s Nipple Balm

Mum’s Tummy & Body Oil

Divine Baby Hand Sanitiser


Therese & John Kerr