In the Spotlight – Eco-Farms

Wholesaler of the Year 2015, Eco-Farms

Wholesaler of the Year 2015, Eco-Farms

Who…are you?

Eco-Farms is a privately owned wholesale distributor of all things organic.   Starting out in the late 80’s as an Organic Home Delivery business and growing to Australia’s leading Organic Distributor today.

What…do you do?

Eco-Farms is made up of 3 main departments – Fresh Wholesale Produce, Fresh Prepack Produce and Grocery.  We are unique in the Organic industry as the only one stop shop in Organic Wholesale, Export & Distribution.  Customers can enjoy a full range offering of Certified Organic Wholesale and Prepack Produce as well as a comprehensive range of Organic & Natural grocery lines.

Our grocery brands Absolute Organic and Eco Organics are very popular amongst consumers and can be found on shelves across Australia and also throughout the world.

Where…are you located?

Eco-Farms has 4 sites across the eastern seaboard in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne. Our Brisbane Operation is currently in the process of moving to a larger facility in Carole Park, almost double that of the current Rocklea site.  We also have distributors that service South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and North Queensland.

When…did you become certified?

Eco-Farms first became certified organic over 20 years ago.Ecofarms

Why…did you become certified?

Like most certified organic businesses, we wanted to give our customers reassurance of the organic integrity.  Being certified organic meant that from grower to store we are able to guarantee the certified organic status for all our organic lines.

What is your organic story?

Our story goes way back but Eco-Farms is all about making Good Clean Wholesome Organic Food available to everyday Australians.

What do you love most about your business?

The industry is made up of many amazing suppliers and customers, some of which have been trading with us for over 25 years.   What a place to work amongst a great team of people who are providing the very best fresh organic produce and groceries daily to businesses and the community.

And….any good stories to share?

There are many sto
ries but one standout was the support shown by the community, countless volunteers and many suppliers and customers when our Brisbane Site was completely destroyed by the floods in 2011.  The support shown during these dark days will be AO productsremembered long into the future.