In the Spotlight: Brynley King, Young Organic Leader 2015

Young Organic Leader 2015, Brynley King

Young Organic Leader 2015, Brynley King pictured with Chair, Andrew Monk and CEO, Paul Stadhams

We are pleased to introduce Brynley King, who was recently awarded the Gold Young Organic Leader (Under 30) Award at the Australian Organic Annual Awards held at the Lockyer Valley in late November last year.

Who…are you?bryn taveuni island

Hi, my name is Bryn, I am 24 years old and I am the daughter and employee of Stacey King and Ken Sigrah the Managing Directors of Nature Pacific and inspiration behind Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil. Since the age of five years old, my parents have had me travelling everywhere with them, visiting some of the most remote parts of The Pacific and Asia and spending time hanging out on coconut plantations. Alongside my mother and father I also assist with aid projects with the Banaban community on Rabi Island, Fiji.

What…do you do?

I am now the Creative Director for Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil, and I seriously have an amazing job! As Creative Director, I get the privilege to visit our Australian Certified Organic farms in Fiji and Sri Lanka where I work with our farmers and food chemist to help produce and market the most innovative coconut products in the world. An average day for me on the coconut farm in Fiji is tray-riding on the back of a ute through rich volcanic mountains with over 800,000 coconut trees. It is my absolute favourite place in the entire world. When I am home working in Australia, I help to produce and market new Banaban products and creative concepts, writing cookbooks based on Banaban Coconut products and working on my recently developed coconut recipe inspired Apple iTunes App with my love for cooking with Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil.

Where…are you located?

Our Australian Certified Organic processor facility is located in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast. We are not only an organic manufacturing facility but have a great coconut inspired space with café, recipe and cooking class demonstration kitchen, Fiji bure and even have coconut trees inside the building.

When…did you become certified?

We became certified organic in 2008 and since that time have registered over 30 Australian Certified Organic products.

Why…did you become certified?

We became certified organic because we wanted to let our customers know we were serious about the quality control of our products and the importance of what the bud logo of Australian Certified Organic represents. To me personally and as someone working in the organic coconut industry, I also love the fact as an organic consumer, that genuine Australian Certified Organic products are audited all along the production chain from farm to finished goods with strict organic standards.

What is your organic story?

Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil was born in my parents’ garage in Robina on the Gold Coast in 2004. I still remember when my mum Stacey, told her friends she was leaving her office job to start an organic coconut oil company. Everyone thought she was nuts! By 2008, we were Certified Organic and exploded in the worldwide market. We are not only selling in Australia now, but exporting to over 19 countries around the world. I look back on that time when my parents started and can’t help but smile. My parents remortgaged our family home and risked it all for the Banaban brand and the dream of selling coconut products worldwide and today they are doing exactly that. It is truly a humbling and rewarding feeling.

I believe that it is important to educate the younger generations of our society the importance of certified organic products. I hope through my coconut recipes and writings that I can encourage more youth to choose Australian Certified Organic products.

What do you love most about your business?

For my parents and I, the thing we love most about our business is the fact that 11 years on so many people worldwide now know the Banaban story and their plight for justice after the devastation they faced from over 90 years of phosphate mining. As my stepfather and Fiji family are Banaban Islanders, it is incredibly rewarding to hear customers speak of the Banabans. 11 years ago before Banaban was born, nobody knew the Banaban story and the brand to us resembles much more than just the humble coconut. It resembles the redevelopment and bettering the futures of the Banaban Islanders for generations to come.

I also LOVE the fact, that a simple coconut can generate income for thousands of people throughout The Pacific and Asia.

And….any good stories to share?

We recently launched our world first and innovative new coconut product, Banaban Organic Coconutto! It is the by-product of our Fiji grown extra virgin coconut oil in an organic Nespresso pod form (for coffee machines), and it seriously tastes amazing! It is just like having a shot of coconut oil x 1000% and has a rich, creamy crema on top!

For the last six months, our Creative and Marketing team have been working on 12 NEW revolutionary organic coconut products! We are aiming to have the largest coconut product range in the world and are so far very close to that! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates when our new products launch!