In the Spotlight – Bare Bunny


Georgia Bamber, Founder Bare Bunny

Who…are you?

Georgia Bamber, founder of Bare Bunny food company.

What…do you do?

We make ORGANIC, 100% wholegrain pancake and baking mixes.  Made with only the highest quality ingredients we try to keep our products simple – just real food, with no fillers, additives or preservatives and absolutely nothing artificial.

Where…are you located?

Currently we are based on the beautiful South coast of NSW, but are very soon to relocate to the equally lovely Southern Highlands.

When…did you become certified?

Just earlier this year – our first products were launched in June.

Why…did you become certified?

First and foremost I wanted to make products that I would be happy to feed my children and eat myself – that meant they had to be organic!

Secondly I needed to keep my company in line with my own personal ethics – which means for health reasons not eating food products tainted with chemicals and for environmental reasons using organic ingredients that cause the least damage to our soil, water and air.

What is your organic story?

Six years ago my family and I went from being long-term expats in Asia to living on our very own beautiful farm.  Having lived in fairly close quarters in Asia, I had River Cottage fantasies of having the space to grow our own fruit and veg – the farm provided just the chance and my family and I got stuck straight in.  We quickly established an orchard, a veg patch and a crazy flock of chickens and I began to make just about everything we eat from scratch.

As we started to eat all the fresh organic produce and home made foods, we noticed our health and energy levels begin to sky rocket.  Not only did the food taste amazing but almost every day we veritably bounce out of bed ready for another day.  I attribute most of these benefits to the fantastic home grown and cooked organic food that we eat.

Realising that not everyone has access to real healthy food like I do, nor perhaps the inclination or time to cook everything from scratch, a business idea, and Bare Bunny, was born – to eating real, healthy food easy with time saving products made with only the best natural, organic ingredients.

What do you love most about your business?

There is a lot to love about owning your own company and doing what you love, but what I love most is having the chance to make a difference by helping people to make positive changes in their eating habits, which have knock on effects into so many other areas of life.  Through the business, not only do we make great, healthy (and of course tasty) products but on our website and blog we offer information, advice, tips and tricks on how to eat a healthy ‘real’ food diet.

It makes me happy to see people embracing positive food choices and getting that health buzz.

And….any good stories to share?

We are really excited to be launching two new products at the beginning of December.

Our GF pancake mix made of organic 100% wholegrain millet and buckwheat flours should make all our gluten free friends happy.  Made with only quality ingredients, with no starches and fillers they are a healthier and tastier option than other GF products out there.  The mix is really versatile – it can be used to make pancakes of course, but also muffins and cakes too.

Our pizza base/ flatbread mix is made from organic 100% wholegrain spelt and wheat flours.  They are so easy to make and super healthy.  We are excited about all the new recipe ideas we will get to develop using this new mix.

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