Important Notice to Organic Soap Makers

At ACO we are constantly working to improve our processes and protect the reputation of certified organic products.  In line with this policy of continuous improvement, we are regularly reviewing our practices to ensure they meet the high standards of integrity that our clients expect of us and that we set for ourselves.

During one of ACO’s internal reviews an error was found in the way soap organic percentages were calculated in the past.  When calculating organic percentages, only water and salt should be excluded from the calculation, however, some organic percentages for soaps have previously been calculated excluding the lye (e.g. sodium hydroxide) from the calculation.  The result of this is that some soap may have organic percentages indicated on their labels that are higher than they should be.

ACO acknowledge that this was an error on our part and are notifying affected clients and requesting them to update their labels accordingly at their next label print runs.  If you believe this may affect you and have any questions please contact John McLean at or phone (07) 3350 5706.