I made my own babycare range


By Lea Coghlan

Sacha Maujean’s daughter was born with sensitive skin and suffered with rashes, reactions and skin ailments that made life a misery, so she set about looking for products she could use on baby Rumer (now approaching two years of age).

When Sacha couldn’t find what she wanted – “organic as possible without synthetic preservatives and fragrances” – she decided to go it alone, achieving organic certification for two of her products.

Sacha can hardly believe what the past nine months has delivered. Last May she launched her My Gypsy Child ‘100% natural’ baby skincare range and is on the cusp of exporting into two international markets.

Two My Gypsy Child products are certified organic by Australian Certified Organic. They are stability tested, pH balanced and contain a variety of nutrient-rich, non-toxic ingredients.

It started in the kitchen

Passionate about a greener way of life, the former marketing consultant and mother-of-two called on her business background and spent hours online in her quest. She completed a masters of aromatherapy and a diploma of cosmetic science online.

A passionate believer in the healing power of nature, Sacha started making products in her Cairns kitchen for her daughter, then her friends and their friends. Next were stalls at markets in Port Douglas, The Tanks and Yungaburra.

Sacha says, “It just took off. People started raving about it, so I set up a website. I’ve hardly left the house, which says a lot about the products.

“Modern-day medicines certainly have their place in society but minor ailments in babies and children can be healed and treated really well with natural products.”

A core aim of My Gypsy Child is educating mothers about caring for their babies’ skin. Sacha works closely with leading Cairns dermatologist Dr Simon Tucker during product development.

“A lot of people don’t realise whatever you put on your skin is absorbed really quickly and enters your bloodstream,” says Sacha.

“Babies have a porous blood–brain barrier until they are two and are really vulnerable to chemicals.”

International demand

Cairns Private Hospital uses Sacha’s products exclusively, and they are also stocked in 15 independent retail outlets throughout Australia.

But it’s the export opportunities that have fallen into her lap that are exciting.

A chance meeting with a UK-based infant baby massager at the Port Douglas Market six months ago is about to pay dividends. The first shipment of products left Cairns in early March bound for the UK market.

Sacha was also approached by a large Chinese distributor keen to get My Gypsy Child into the world’s most populous country. She declined the lucrative deal based on her opposition to the country’s laws requiring new products to be tested on animals.

In May, Sacha and a good friend, who previously worked for the King of Dubai, will visit the United Arab Emirates to cement discussions about distributing products in hospitals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Sacha sources raw materials from six key suppliers around Australia.

“My suppliers need to provide high-quality products – products that I would use. And they need to be certified organic,” says Sacha.

The high certified organic content in the products is the main driver behind the prices.

“Our strong morals and principles also come at a cost as we source environmentally friendly packaging and office supplies, and operate under the Fair Trade umbrella. Our company is cruelty free and products are free from animal derived material and contain the highest-quality organically certified and ethically sourced ingredients available,” says Sacha.

Considering the minimal marketing, Sacha is humbled by the response to her products.

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