Hunting down organics

When we caught up with David McGlynn of My Organic Hunter he was on his way to get an energy cleanse in Surry Hills, Sydney. All in a day’s work when you travel the globe blogging about organics and eco-friendly goods and services. My organic hunter

My Organic Hunter is an online business that shares its green travels through regular posts on Facebook, Twitter and a website. When you’re a travel writer it’s pretty tough to find certified organic at each destination; however, you will find quite a few brands certified with Australian Certified Organic in his posts and tweets about his travels in Australia, where he has been since October 2013 to launch an Australian version of the website.

His next stop is Europe.

Before becoming an organic hunter David worked with a natural hair care company in Sydney as a sales rep, where he learnt about organics. He developed a website that highlighted the best organic and green businesses – from shops and restaurants to accommodation. He relies on word-of-mouth and spends a lot of time in cyberspace using the keywords ‘organic’, ‘green’ and ‘eco friendly’ to find accommodation and retailers.

David says, “It’s hard because there are not many organic restaurants. I’m trying my best. One of the latest is O-Organic Produce in Surry Hills, which is certified organic.” He said the Australian version of will feature more certified organic than the European website, starting with highlights from Sydney. David says, “There are so many businesses claiming to be organic, but they’re just not. Some say they try to be organic as much as possible.” We encourage people to look for a certification logo such as the Australian Certified Organic Bud to be sure a product or a service is truly organic. The word ‘organic’ is used broadly in Australia, which David says is not too dissimilar to how it’s used in the rest of the world. “London is also quite bad with how people use the word ‘organic’. I haven’t come across any country that nails organics. I hear Los Angeles and other parts of the States are doing better in terms of not abusing the word.”

David’s heritage is British but he’s an Australian citizen and lived here for a decade before moving overseas to start My Organic Hunter. He tried to develop the business here but it didn’t take off. He says, “I’m single and I honestly believe that this business is a path for me. What happened in Europe [with My Organic Hunter] was phenomenal and it was all supported with the help of big companies.”

No matter where he goes in the world, price is always the number one barrier to purchasing organics. He says, “It really annoys me when people say organic is expensive when everyone has TVs, smart phones and cars. Food has become too cheap and cheap food has become the norm. “The price of organic is the real price. Conventional food could cause illness, so how much will that cost you? Sometimes I have to switch off a little [from the criticism] because even in my own family I’m considered the crazy one because I only eat organic. They think organic is a luxury.”

Advice from a global green traveller to Australian organic businesses? David says, “Stick with it. The world is changing and people are slowly waking up. Soon people will be demanding organic and hopefully it will become the norm.”

So if you’re planning a trip to capital cities in England, France, Portugal, Spain or Thailand, check out the eco-friendly options that might have escaped your Lonely Planet guide

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