High aspirations for coffee company

The Roger family (from top left) Coco, Jennifer, Talitha and Tony.

High Trees Estate’s organic coffee received much praise at this year’s Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, winning medals in six of the seven award classes.

The company’s success comes as no surprise once you taste its unique organic blends. Critics compliment the blends’ full-bodied, well-rounded flavours, natural sweetness and pleasurable aftertaste.

High Trees owners, Jennifer and Tony Rogers and daughters Coco and Talitha, had no idea they would be highly praised across nearly all classes. Jennifer says, “I could never imagine we would do so well.” Amongst others, the coffee took out awards in the espresso extra premium, cappuccino extra premium, plunger coffee extra premium and decaf espresso categories.

Jennifer and Tony come from a background of farming and restaurants. They bought the New South Wales property in 1997 and have since experimented with new blends and coffee products. High Trees Estate is run by three generations of the family. The coffee is certified by Australian Certified Organic, and grown and processed on the plantation. According to Jennifer the biggest difference between their coffee and conventional coffee is the quality of organic produce and local blend of their product.

“Most coffee products are grown overseas. Ours doesn’t have the bitterness that most coffees have. It has a natural sweetness. We used to add sugar to our coffee and we don’t need to anymore.” High Trees Estate is happy to keep trade in Australia rather than look overseas for markets.

“It’s great for average people to just call up and get a coffee straight from the farm – they can go directly to the farm and order coffee. How many places can do that?”

High Trees Estate’s single focus is to produce the finest of coffees. Jennifer says, “We do this by keeping it simple and just doing our best in every section from the growing, to drying and roasting – and being choosy. It’s just down to everything and not letting even one area suffer.”

The coffee plantation has hired an organic horticulturalist to formulate a specialised fertilisation and nutrition plan to optimise coffee quality. Some of the staff is also training at TAFE in plant nutrition and soil health, which will be useful when they expand their plantation by 7000 coffee trees.

Tony says, “We are experimenting with different ways of processing our coffees.”

High Trees has also produced a coffee body scrub.

Jennifer says, “We’re in the packaging phase of the scrub and it’s currently sold without the Australian Certified Organic logo but we have applied for certification and hopefully by the end of the year it will be fully certified.” She says the shower scrub has multipurpose applications. “My daughter has tried washing her hair with it, it works for dogs and keeps flies away and my mother even puts it on her ice cream!”

Wanting to keep improving their blend, the coffee growers continue to enter their coffee in other competitions.

To visit the farm and try their fresh organic coffee contact Jennifer from High Trees Estate to book an appointment phone 02 6629 5727 or email info@hightreesestate.com.au.