We achieved exciting things during Australian Organic Awareness Month 2017!

A massive thank you to our Sponsors, Ambassadors, and all of the amazing certified organic brands and influencers who supported Australian Organic Awareness Month in a huge way and made it a fantastic campaign for 2017! It was such an exciting month for us to see so many businesses and individuals support certified organics and help raise awareness. Here’s a look at our mid-campaign update for some of the things we, our sponsors, and our ambassadors got up to…
Between Australia and the US, our Ambassadors have been helping promote Australian Organic Awareness Month and showing us their favourite certified organic products.
Check out everything they get up to via their social networks!
Magdalena Roze on Facebook and Instagram
Teresa Cutter (The Healthy Chef) on Facebook and Instagram
Emmily Banks (Depths of Beauty) on Facebook and Instagram
Miss Ruby Red Shoes on Facebook and Instagram
Vani Hari (The Food Babe) on Facebook and Instagram