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AOMR 2012 coverThe most recent Australian Organic Market Report has been referenced by hundreds of journalists and industry players since its release in 2012. As the only comprehensive report benchmarking the organic industry in Australia, it can’t exist without input from businesses.

Commissioned by Australian Organic with funding support from Horticulture Australia Ltd and industry sponsors, the biennial Report helps the organic industry, governments and researchers understand industry trends, benchmark their business growth and make investment decisions.

The 2014 issue will trace a wide range of sectors of the organic industry in Australia, including dairy, meat and horticulture. The 2014 edition will also focus for the first time on the growing organic cosmetics and garden products sectors.

“The supply of consistent, quality organic products remains a major challenge for sustaining our industry’s growth,” says Australian Organic chair, Dr Andrew Monk. “The 2014 Report will help individuals and businesses who are considering entering the organic market to identify key opportunities, both domestically and for export.

“The demand for organic products cannot be met without up-to-date information. We need to connect a growing demand to suppliers who are informed about what is needed and at what price,” Dr Monk says.

The Australian Organic Market Report has tracked trends in the Australian organic marketplace since 2007, showing the progressive growth of market segments from farm-gate values to retail and export. It also tracks consumer views on organics, such as brand recognition and purchasing preferences.

The 2014 Report will incorporate independent research by Swinburne University of Technology, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Mobium Group.

Swinburne University is again collecting data for the organic industry’s value adding/marketing component of the Australian Organic Market Report 2014 and it needs your input. Associate Professor Bruno Mascitelli of Swinburne’s Faculty of Health, Arts and Design says, “The Australian Organic Market Report is the only comprehensive report of its kind produced in Australia.

“Because Swinburne University is acting as an independent research provider, all industry stakeholders can be assured their data will be kept confidential and not shared in any manner that can be linked to a specific business,” explains Associate Professor Mascitelli.

The organic agricultural industry stands for sustainability. It can be, and is, measured. Don’t miss out on supporting Australia’s third-fastest growing industry. If you are a post-farm-gate producer or retailer, you can participate in the survey online by completing Swinburne University’s market research survey until August 22. A link to the survey is being directly emailed from Swinburne University to all non-farm certified businesses over the coming weeks. If you are a certified business (non-farm) and do not receive an email from Swinburne please contact us on 07 3350 5716 or Swinburne University to request your link.

Time to be an exclusive sponsor in the Australian Organic Market Report 2014 is running out. As a key reference document for media, the Australian Organic Market Report 2012 received over 120 mentions in TV, print, online and via broadcast media since launching and is referenced regularly by overseas agencies and buyers. Sponsorships close soon with many sectors already filled, so if you wish to ensure your interest in the industry is considered by key organic industry stakeholders, please contact or call 07 3350 5716.