Guano Liquid Gold – Red Hot Special!

Sulphur is as necessary and just as important as Phosphorus and is considered an essential mineral. Sulphur in plants helps form important enzymes and assists in the formation of plant proteins. This all means, the more Sulphur you apply, the higher the protein in your pasture or grain crops.

When Sulphur levels are low, grasses, because of their larger root system, will compete very strongly for the available Sulphur to the detriment of the legumes. This results in a grass-dominated pasture crop and reduced pasture quality.

Plants that are not able to intake enough Sulphur will exhibit yellowing of leaves that seems similar to nitrogen deficiency. With Sulphur deficiency, symptoms tend to show up on the younger leaves first followed by the older leaves. In plants depleted of nitrogen, the older leaves at the bottom are first affected, moving upwards.

Sulphur drives up your protein, Therefore, Sulphur =  Protein = $$$…

Unlock the protein potential in your grain or fodder crops with available Guano Sulphur Gold.

Guano Sulphur Gold, contains:

P: 10.5%, Ca: 24.9%, Si: 20.8%, S: 12.7%, Zn: 0.25% and Organic Carbon: 8.6%

Ideal Starter for your Chick Peas, Lentil and Broadacre crops.

Airseeder Guaranteed and Organic-USDA Certified.

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