From the CEO

From the CEOBelieve it or not, despite all we have achieved to date, there are people among us – at work, at school, at sport, at the supermarket and within our families – who don’t know about the benefits of organic. This year Australian Organic will continue to provide people with support and information to help them understand that organic products are better for our health and wellbeing, organic farming is so much better for the environment, organic standards demand high levels of animal welfare, synthetic fertilisers and chemicals are harmful and buying GM free is important.

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If you are a member of Australian Organic or a client of Australian Certified Organic you will be familiar with the Australian Organic magazine. Unfortunately due to its limited readership and its high production costs we have taken it out of circulation and instead provide the same information to a broader audience through other industry and mainstream magazines, newsletters, newspapers and blogs.

The online search most associated with our industry is ‘Why organic?’ You may have asked this question yourself or had someone ask it of you, so we are about to kick off a competition asking you to answer that question. The best 30-second video answers will feature on our website, with the winner receiving a certified organic gift pack. More details will be provided soon via our social media platforms, so Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for your chance to win.

2014 is shaping up as a great year for Australian Organic and I hope you continue to support us and enjoy all that we offer you.

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