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CEO Paul Stadhams stands between banana farmers The Worths

CEO Paul Stadhams and banana farmers The Worths


I am continually amazed by the amount of people I speak to who believe organics is nothing more than a passing fad – akin to MC Hammer pants, mullet hairstyles or Cabbage Patch Kids – championed by people on the fringe of society.

Some don’t know about the diverse range of certified organic products available through many different outlets or the calibre of people and businesses involved in this industry. We are continuing to educate consumers about the benefits of certified organic products, while ensuring appropriate and sustainable industry development.

Our industry development is expanding – finding new ways to reach even more consumers – while education and support continues for those who already know the benefits of certified organic. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming ‘Why organic?’ social media campaign, which focuses on people’s passion for certified organic products and informs consumers with concise reasons to buy certified organic. This campaign promises the unexpected and will generate quite a buzz.

Australian Organic is partnering with some high profile and exciting organisations for Sustainable Agriculture Week and Australian Organic Awareness Month. Both campaigns provide high-level exposure for the certified organic industry and offer various ways for consumer and business involvement, including a major competition.

Speaking of partnering, have you seen alive Australia magazine in your health food shop or pharmacy? It’s distributed freely to over 400 stores and is packed with great health and wellbeing information. Australian Organic has teamed up with alive Australia to give members and clients the opportunity to be a part of the publications at discounted rates. It’s also a fabulous way for Australian Organic to share news and information about certified organic food, cosmetics and textiles in each issue. Find out where you can pick up a copy of alive Australia or if you’re interested in advertising find out more here.

You may have heard we recently signed a deal with a Chinese certification company to make exporting organics to China a whole lot easier. Australian Organic was also there developing trade relations with organic distributors. Read more.

We are looking for expressions of interest from certified organic businesses that would like to be part of trade delegations and trade show exhibitions domestically and internationally. Australian Organic has committed to attending and exhibiting at a major event in China April/May 2015 and Germany February 2015. If you would like to get involved please contact Joanne Barber.

Last week Australian Organic switched over to a new database, eCert, which has markedly improved our standard of service to members and clients. We have reviewed and updated many of our processes and procedures and therefore reduced clients’ paperwork burden and sped up the certification process, including the promotional contributions and its onerous paperwork and administration.

I hope you enjoy the following organic highlights.

Paul Stadhams
CEO Australian Organic