Eco battery powering organic schools

BatteriesThe Eco Alkalines™ battery is the sort of technology that begs the question: “How did we use anything else?”

The battery contains no heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury and is 98 per cent recyclable. Its manufacturer, MTA Industries, has just come on board as sponsor of Australian Organic’s education initiative, Australian Organic Schools.

Australian Organic Schools is a wonderful online curriculum program available free to all schools and educational organisations. Kids can learn about where their food comes from, organic farming and eating well. It has over 1200 registered users throughout Australia.

The Eco Alkalines battery was developed in Canada and when its lifespan was independently tested against other well-known brands it came up equal to, if not better than, its major alkaline competitors.

MTA Industries’ Dawn Rees says, “Seventy per cent of batteries go into landfill and some of the major brands take anywhere from 100 to 1000 years to break down. Eco Alkalines batteries take 50–70 years to biodegrade because of the materials they’re made from and they don’t leach heavy metals into soils.”

While this may be true, Dawn is quick to add that all batteries should be disposed of at recycling sites, something that clearly doesn’t happen often enough – 240 million batteries go to landfill each year. The carbon neutral Eco Alkalines battery is available in sizes AA, AAA, D and 9 volt.

MTA Industries is developing other batteries but with its strict requirements of no heavy metals and wanting each product to be carbon neutral the research and development takes a long time.

The business is supporting Australian Organic Schools because it aligns with its business values. Dawn says, “We want to work with and support at grass roots the education of the next generations (and their parents and grandparents) about the importance of living sustainably and responsibly and Australian Organic Schools does this in an interactive, informative and hands-on way.”

Good quality and environmental responsibility doesn’t necessarily come at a higher price. The developers of Eco Alkalines have been deliberate in targeting key price points that offer customers value. Dawn says, “We don’t want to be more expensive than the big brand names. We will meet the market and where possible be better priced to ensure the customer can easily make the right choice at point of sale and not have to pay more for an environmentally responsible product. That is a win for us, the retailer, the customer and the environment.”

Eco Alkalines joins other proud supporters of Australian Organic Schools – Sunraysia and five:am

Where can you recycle batteries?

Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI)

Battery World Collects alkaline and rechargeable batteries such as nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion: 13 17 60

SITA’s battery recycling program: 02 8754 0000

Contact your local council or community recycling facility to determine your household battery recycling options.

Office supply retailers such as Officeworks and even public libraries often have recycling bins.