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Georgia Bamber from Bare Bunny, is starting out on an exciting new venture to spread the word about the amazing benefits of eating a plant based diet with her new course Eating Clean and Green.  We asked her to tell us a little bit about plant based eating and her plans.

What is a plant based diet?

A plant based diet is one that focuses on whole plant foods like fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts and aims to eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy.  The emphasis is definitely on fresh, whole, minimally processed, and preferably organic foods.

What’s so good about a plant based diet?

A plant-based diet is a big WIN for so many reasons.  It is hands down the healthiest diet that we can eat.   It has been proven to reverse heart disease and type-2 diabetes and also to help prevent other chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, hypertension and autoimmune diseases, just to name a few.  Plant based eaters also tend to weigh less and live longer too.

Plant based eating is also the kindest to our planet.  Eating a plant based diet uses 1/18th of the land, 1/13th of the water 1/11th of the oil and emits 50% less carbon dioxide than a more traditional omnivorous diet.  Eating plant is the biggest individual contribution anyone can make towards mitigating climate change and maintaining a sustainable healthy environment.

The animals think it is a pretty good deal too!

Why do you think more people aren’t eating plant based?

I think in the most part it is simply because most people are unaware of the incredible health benefits of eating a plant based diet.  There is a lot of mixed messaging in the media and people find it all a bit confusing.  That being said plant based eating is currently one of the fastest growing food trends and more people are getting on board with vegan and plant based eating all the time.  This is great news for the health of our population and the planet.

What is the aim of your course?

Plant based eating can seem a bit daunting at first.  People are not sure what to eat, where to buy or how to prepare plant based foods.  They are worried about what friends and family might think and that it might make life a bit tricky.  So I created my course to not only help educate people about plant based eating, but also to show them how easy and incredibly tasty it is to eat more plant foods. The course is packed full of practical information, helpful tips, recipes and more.  For anyone who would like to know more about plant based eating or is toying with the idea of making the change, this is the course for them.

What is your top tip for our readers?

That is simple… eat more fruit and veg (and organic whenever possible).  An easy way to do this is to keep a bowl of fruit on your desk or somewhere handy, and grab a piece whenever you are hungry.  Green smoothies are another excellent way to get in more veg.  I have one every day.

To learn more about Georgia’s new venture you can find her at  and for information about the course .

Georgia would also be interested in working with any ACO businesses that have an interest in spreading the message about the benefits of healthy, organic plant strong diets.  Please get in touch at

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