Common Certification Corrective Action Requests – March

Ensure supplier is certified (whole supply chain)

Please ensure all suppliers you obtain products/ ingredients from are certified organic and their certificates are made available for annual audits.

The Department of Agriculture require the whole supply chain to be certified.


Getting fumigation/irradiation and Transaction Certificates for imports

If you are sourcing products/ingredients from overseas, ensure you obtain non-fumigation and non-irradiated declarations from the importer.

These documents will be required to be made available at annual inspections.


Water testing for producers

If water comes in contact with the end certified product, it must meet potable water standards as per 4.7.25 of the Australian Certified Organic standard.

Ensure water quality tests include pathogen testing, and are made available for annual audits.


Wine additives and processing aids must contain ingredients which are compliant in the Australian Certified Organic Standard 2016, Annex III and the respective international organic standard.

For example, yeasts containing synthetic sorbitan monostearate can no longer be allowed for use in certified organic wines.