Common Certification Corrective Action Requests – December

corrective-action-requestAre you compliant? Below are some of the most common certification corrective actions raised from audits.


CAR response documentation:

Please always forward CAR response documents to the ACO office, not the auditors. CAR responses can be emailed to


The use of Quaternary Sanitisers:

Quaternary sanitisers on food contact surfaces are not permitted unless you have a documented need to use the sanitiser. You will need to ensure that you have a procedure and records to show that you have removed all traces of the quaternary sanitiser (rinse with water and swab test) after seeking approval from ACO to use such a sanitiser.

See Appendix IV of the ACO Standard 2016.


Compost records:

If you make your own compost on farm, you need to keep records or ingredients, turning and temperature to ensure it is compliant with the standard.

See section 4.3 of the ACO Standard 2016 for details.


Gross Organic Sales are not available at audit:

Gross Organic Sales are not being made available at the audit, this figure is used to assign your Industry Development Levy (IDL) tier.