Chinese audits

Australian Certified Organic facilitated its first audits by a Chinese representative on grain and beef properties this week.DSC_1251

An agreement between Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and Chinese organic certification group the Organic Food Development & Certification Center of China (OFDC) allows Chinese-trained Australian inspectors to audit businesses on China’s behalf.

The auditing is carried out in accordance with the Chinese organic standards and will allow the producers to export to China as certified organic. The audits follow a similar process to those done for the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

In an exciting development, ACO is pleased to announce it will have an OFDC inspector based in its Brisbane office from February. This will make it even easier to facilitate audits throughout Australia.

Speaking of accessing markets, did you know the Australian Government’s national organic standard doesn’t give you the same market access as the Australian Certified Organic Standard?

The rigorous Australian Certified Organic Standard complies with high European Union expectations. This means it enables Australian-processed products that include imported ingredients (certified to the EU) to be exported to the EU.

Unlike the Australian Government’s organic standard, it also allows other products such as wine and animal products (dairy, beef and honey) to be exported hassle free. Very few certifying bodies have this equivalency, giving exporters certified with Australian Certified Organic almost full market access around the world.

Australian Certified Organic is accredited by United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan and China (OFDC), which means products wearing its logo can access these markets.

If you’re interested in exporting to the EU or would like to organise a Chinese audit, call Australian Certified Organic on 07 3350 5716.