Champions Mountain Organics For Sale

Certified Organic since 1990, Champions Mountain Organics is the closest Certified Organic vegetable farm to Sydney.   Situated at Mangrove Mountain,  the farm has a growing area of approx 2 ha with surrounding native bush and good screening from neighbours and the road. The total farm area is 18ha.

The soil is sandy to sandy loam and has been extensively rejuvenated over the past 30 years using compost and green manures. Although we grow intensively I have developed a rotation system which constantly cares for the soil and gives a continual supply of good fresh produce for our customers.

For a buyer wishing to take advantage of my years of work,  the farm has a strong customer base of local co-ops, Farmers’ markets and retail stores in Sydney.

All equipment necessary to continue working the farm can go with the sale which would include cool rooms, tractor, delivery truck, tools etc;  all can be negotiated.

For details of the business go to

or contact me,  0243741036