Certified operators must purchase from certified organic suppliers

Ship for exportsThe following rule impacts all certified operators regardless of whether they plan to sell domestically or internationally, as they do not have control as to where their product may end up.

The Rule:
Certified operators must purchase from CERTIFIED ORGANIC SUPPLIERS only. This means that the sales order/ purchase invoice/ transaction documents/ POC/ Shipping documents/BOL/ etc must all be constant and refer to operations (seller and purchaser) which are certified. Even if the product is shipped directly from certified supplier to organic purchaser via third party trader who issued the invoice, the organic chain of supply must be maintained, the trader must be certified.

Consequences: Certified operators purchasing via non certified suppliers/ traders/ importers will have to recall their product if making ‘certified organic’ claims.

You can see the full notice on DOA website.

Please ensure your procurement staff are trained and understand the above requirement.

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact the certification team.