Celebrating and acknowledging the best in 2015!

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic

Message from the Chair – October 2015


Next month brings us that time of year we have now marked out for celebrating and acknowledging the best on offer from our amazingly diverse and vibrant organic marketplace.

Leaders and the best organic products will be on display shortly with the finalists announced for the Australian Organic Annual Awards for Excellence.

I am constantly humbled as well as inspired by this growing diversity and professionalism, as a consumer of Australian organic products, and as chairman of Australia’s leader in maintaining organic market integrity.

Please join with us this coming month, in continuing the celebrations right through the Christmas period, by supporting our hard working, capital risking, organic entrepreneurs, be they farmers or food and beverage makers.

Buying Australian Certified Organic products from these food industry pioneers and leaders on a daily basis will make someone else’s day out there – someone who counts dearly – the people who are building healthier communities while sustaining our fragile earth.

Please share, please be involved, and this celebratory season please join with us in recognising these great organic folk in our midst.

Andrew Monk


Australian Organic Ltd