Organic Boxes – Expression of Interest

To strengthen awareness and create more exposure for our industry following the success of the Australian Organic Market Report launch, we’ll be engaging with an even wider range of media and influencers each month to keep spreading the message of organics to the masses!

The best way to do it? Throughout the year, gift them a first-hand taste of our amazing certified organic goods in the form of ‘Organic Boxes’ that will be carefully delivered to their doorsteps for them to experience the wonder of fresh, unique and nourishing products.

We’d love your help to include variety of items across a range of industries (showcasing the breadth of the organic offering we have in Australia), from organic beauty products to chocolate to coffee and more!

It presents a great opportunity for your brand and business to gain exposure and be under the nose of some of Australia’s most influential food, health, beauty and lifestyle journalists, business and agricultural writers and highly influential people that inspire others.

If you’d like to express your interest in being involved, please email Brittany Stewart.