Australian Organic Schools sponsorship opportunities

AOS over 140,000 students graphicIn 2014, Australian Organic redeveloped the Australian Organic Schools (AOS) education website to target four specific markets – teachers, students, parents/carers and canteens.  Seven revised and redeveloped, Australian curriculum-linked School Garden Units of Work were created, and beautifully illustrated for deployment to the AOS website.

Since the launch date, visits to the AOS website, teacher registrations and downloads of education resource material from the site have been impressive. As at 20 July 2015, over 140,000 students throughout Australia are involved in the organic school garden program. International teacher involvement is also on the increase.

New Australian curriculum-based Units of Work relating to the following are about to be developed:

  • the Australian organic industry
  • the health and nutritional benefits of organic food and products, and
  • ‘farm to plate’ journeys

Exciting sponsorship opportunities are now available for our new ‘Organic for Body, Brain and Bounce’ and ‘From the Farm to Me!’ education resources.

For more information contact Joanne Barber (Commercial & Marketing General Manager) on 07 3350 5716 or via email.