Australian Organic Awareness Month is underway!

Product DropJust one week in and Australian Organic Awareness Month has already reached over 300,000 people through media coverage and partnership opportunities. Highlights include the first of four videos by digital media company brand new media and Yahoo!7’s healthyMEtv, and the first of four competitions across the LifeStyle You channels.

Other media highlights include Food magazine, Beauty and Lace, A Wholefood Lover’s Guide to Sydney and The Weekend Edition. The month of media exposure also includes that’s life!, Channel 7’s The Morning Show, Women’s Health and more!

Australian Organic Awareness Month is Australian Organic’s broad consumer campaign helping people understand there’s more to organics than just food. While it’s getting a lot of attention in mainstream media, it also has a high profile on social media. Week one shared the importance of organic gardening and farming on Facebook. This created a push to fundamentally alter the way we grow food and manage the land in Australia. It showed us there are so many organic alternatives – from growth-boosting kelp to natural pest repellents – to synthetic products.

We shared blog posts on organic gardening and farming, and facts on organic growing in Australia – did you know Australia has the most certified organic land in the world?

In weeks two to four of Australian Organic Awareness Month we’ll delve into organic beverages, cosmetics and food, and share lifestyle tips from our celebrity ambassadors Therese Kerr, Pete Evans, Dr Sarah Lantz, The Healthy Chef Theresa Cutter and our Beauty Chef Carla Oates.

By the end of the month, more people will realise the wide range of organic products available extends beyond food.

In the meantime, visit to win $1000 or one of four organic hampers. Simply tell us which Australian Certified Organic product is your favourite and why you like it. While you’re there, join in the conversation around everything organic.

Will you take up Pete’s challenge? Click here to watch Pete’s video on healthyMEtv.