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  • ACO – COFCC Partnership 
    Are you looking to export to China? China’s Organic Regulations are tricky to navigate and require certification to the Chinese Organic Regulations. ACO is pleased to announce that we have partnered with a certification body in China called COFCC. ACO now has access to the only Chinese Inspector in the Asia Pacific who can conduct Chinese Organic Inspections. This means ACO can offer certification to all Standards with one audit a year. Interested? Please let us know.

Hot Topics

  • Meet ACO’s new CEO!
  • Certification or advice?  We understand that sometimes understanding all the organic standards can be tricky, but did you know that as your certification body, ACO’s certification team and auditors cannot provide you with advice on how to comply? ACO is heavily regulated by many Government and Accreditation Agencies that prohibit this. ACO can explain the Standards to you and help you understand the requirements but cannot advise you how to comply. ACO’s parent company, Australian Organic, does however provide a list of consultants that may be able to help, see the list here:
  • Inputs – Not sure what inputs you can use? Did you know there is a Farm Input register on the ACO website? Check it out here:
  • Record Keeping – Are you struggling with what records you need to keep for certification? Did you know ACO has developed templates which you can download for free and adapt to your business! You can use our form search here:
  • Korea to introduce organic bee product regulation – The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has announced that from the 1st of January 2019, all bee products sold in Korea will need to be certified and labelled in accordance with the new organic bee product regulation. Currently there is no organic regulation in Korea for bee products, so there should be no changes until the new regulation is released. ACO will announce any changes once they are known.

Are you compliant?

  • Most Common CARs
    Two of the most common non-compliances ACO issue relate to clients not having a complaint register and not including ACO as a contact in your product recall procedure. These are requirements of the ACO Standard and Certification Agreement. Not sure what you need? Just ask! Email your query to
  • Traceability
    During your audit, the auditor will be checking your records and systems to ensure that you can trace your products from start to finish. Here at ACO we term that traceability and it’s one of the most important aspects of certification.
    For our farmers this means you have records that link together to show your land preparation, buying seeds/seedlings, planting, input application, harvest records, packing records and sales records.
    For our processors/manufacturers this means you have records that link together showing product purchase, incoming goods receival, storage, processing, packing and sale.
    For our handlers/traders/brand owners, this means you have records that link together which show product purchase, incoming, storage, outgoing and sale.
    Still not sure? Just ask: