AO and Fuji Xerox’s new initiative

Australian Organic and Fuji Xerox’s new initiative that will help to promote your business is sustainable and affordable

8570_four_ink_sticks (2) (1)Australian Organic have teamed up with Fuji Xerox to help boost your position within the market place. Whether you’re a producer, processor, wholesaler, retailer, or all of the above, you would understand the difficulties of getting in and remaining consistent within your market place. Whilst the aim is to keep your regular customers happy, there’s a larger urge to intrigue those who aren’t currently buying from you. Australian Organic and Fuji Xerox have partnered to design and create a new era of design printing which provides you access to all of your advertising and marketing needs, whenever you need. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce all clients to the all-new Advertising and Marketing Toolbox.

The Marketing Toolbox is an affordable, sustainable and fantastic new feature only available to Australian Certified Organic clients. The Toolbox will allow you the opportunity to print your very own marketing material at the click of a button.

What you can expect from the new Toolbox:

  • Access a selection of creatively designed marketing collateral.  We will provide updated creative education and marketing tools within sectors of food & beverage, fibre & home care, cosmetic and garden and allowed inputs all of which will assist to educate your consumer. From here you are able to individualise and brand this marketing material to suit your business style and needs, this could include advertising your logo, branding, unique selling point and offers.
  • You can design and print, or as mentioned above you can access free marketing collateral in just a few steps. Print superb brochures, glossy “DL” size flyers and handouts, business cards, catalogues and eye catching Point of Sale posters on all kinds of paper and card stock… in a compact,  ‘filing-cabinet top’ unit using vegetable based ink – NO TONERS, DANGEROUS RESIDUE OR LANDFILL CARTRIDGES!
  • You can run your entire sales, advertising and marketing process from your own office, farm, factory or production facility easily and affordably,  24/7, anywhere in Australia, with Fuji Xerox back up & guaranteed uptime. You’ll also have access to free Australian Organic marketing collateral. This environmentally friendly option allows you to use recycled paper, vegetable based ink and is most certainly an innovative and cost saving business investment. Conventional stationary printers copiers & fax machines can be expensive to run and are not environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget to tune in to July’s newsletter for all of the details to come!