An exciting new partnership to get involved with!

Shping makes shopping simpler – and rewards you just for using it.

Scan any product barcode using the Shping app to learn what’s in it, where it’s from, and if it’s authentic. Discover other people’s product experiences and reviews, and earn Shping rewards as you go.

Australian Organic invites our Members and Clients to check out the re-branded Authenticateit – introducing Shping.

We’ve partnered with Shping to give consumers the opportunity to find out the organic authenticity of a product, as well as certification details, and education around certified organic products.
Many products can be misleading as they make ‘organic’ claims without having the certification to back these statements up. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Shping – an app that consumers can use to access information about a product’s organic authenticity.

Shping users will be notified of your product’s organic status every time they scan. They’ll also discover why being organic is a crucial part of your company’s mission and how it positively impacts your product. Shping understands the investment businesses put in to becoming certified organic, so in return they want to prove to consumers why your certified organic products are important.
To read more about how Shping works, check out the SHPING website.

Upon scanning a product, this is what a consumer will see.

Please note, if you have not yet supplied your product barcodes to the Shping team, your product may not include your certification details upon scanning. If you wish to add your products to this system to ensure your ACO certification details appear, please contact:

Gennady Volcheck
CEO of Shping
03 9924 4405.

If you have any questions for Australian Organic, please contact:

Brittany Stewart
Marketing Officer
07 3350 5716