A shopping experience at Wrays

Retailers certified by Australian Certified Organic are at the front line when it comes to educating shoppers on the importance of certified organic.

The owners and the team at Wray Organic are passionate about organic and providing high quality organic products to their customers.

The Wray story

WrayOrganicIn 2005 Deborah and Gary Wray opened their Palm Beach store at 19th Avenue Shopping Village on the Gold Coast. The locals have embraced it so much so that in 2008 the store was moved to larger premises and now boasts a cafe. The first Brisbane store opened at Newmarket in 2007 and then in 2008 a second Brisbane store was opened in the leafy suburb of Indooroopilly. Both stores include an organic café filled with delicious fresh and organic foods!

In April 2011 the Ipswich store opened and the locals were thrilled that chemical free, nutritious food became available in their region. June 2012 the Cannon Hill store opened its doors to great enthusiasm by the locals. August 2012 the Toowoomba store opened and then September 2012 the Cleveland store opened to very excited locals. Wray Organic Mt Gravatt was next opening its doors in November 2012. This year, April 2014 excitement in the northern corridor of Brisbane, with North Lakes store opening.

The focus in a Wray Organic Market is ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetable that’s literally jumping off the shelf with life. All produce is Australian grown and sourced from local certified organic growers. Deborah and Gary are committed to offering the best possible price for their organic produce. They want this extraordinarily clean and nutritious food to be available every day and at an affordable price for everyone.

Wray radio

WrayOrganic2You can catch Deborah Wray on 4BC Radio every Tuesday at 2pm for the Organic Show!

We particularly love the segment where she shares all things certified organic for Australian Organic Awareness Month.

Here’s what Deborah had to say after the show…

I was excited to talk to Michael and Clare [4BCs radio hosts] about Australian Organic Awareness Month which is in October. There are a number of organic certifiers in this country and Australian Certified Organic are the largest and most respected. Products that display the Bud logo have been certified organic by them.

Sadly there’s a lot of misinformation in the marketplace and you may believe what you’re buying is organic. There’s ‘organic’ & organic & it’s a concern how many products you can really be certain are properly certified. There are also ‘organic cafes’ that have organic coffee and organic quinoa but nothing else they serve is organic.

Wray Organic on the other hand are certified as an organic retailer and cafe with Australian Certified Organic. This means that we are audited by an independent auditor who wants to know the provenance of all of the ingredients we stock in our market and cafe through all the stages of growth, production, import and so on. We are confident that what we offer is the real deal and our customers can have peace of mind are confidence that what we say we represent is true.

A product that is certified organic is right on so many levels. It passes stringent audit checks that ensure certified organic labels can be trusted. It’s good for the environment by ensuring farming practices are sustainable by reducing negative impacts. Animal welfare is crucial in the certified organic world. You’ve heard of free range eggs, well certified organic eggs are a level above this. The chooks get the best feed with no GMs, no pesticides & no antibiotics. Certified organic egg production means no more than 600 chooks per hectare. Conversely, the free range system allows stocking as many as 60,000 birds per hectare and the hens’ feed could contain GMs and pesticides.

Certified organic food is food without synthetic colourings, preservatives or GM ingredients and since GM labelling is not mandatory in Australia, the best way to avoid GM is to insist on certified organic products. Certified organic upholds the principles of fair trade so is socially responsible and by insisting on certified organic you help to build a sustainable future for the planet.

We pay a certain amount that goes towards our audit but it’s not hugely expensive & it’s worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone’s checking. That’s what the bud logo from ACO does – it provides peace of mind that the product you are buying has been audited & found to be worthy of the logo.” – Deborah Wray.

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Wray news

The Wray Organic newsletter is a great resource for specials and stories about local organic growers.

For Australian Organic Awareness Month, Wray Organic stores around Queensland celebrated by offering fantastic specials and hosting 33 events! One in particular was a fermenting workshop with Australian Organic ambassadors Dr Sarah Lantz.

There’s still one week left of Australian Organic Awareness Month so be sure to check out their latest news before the month ends!



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