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GoodOat stock picRegister your natural food ingredients by March 31 to receive a discount and feature in the Natural Food Ingredients Database so others can find you.

Global trade in food ingredients has increased dramatically in recent years, and companies are in a position to purchase ingredients and additives directly from an increasing range of suppliers worldwide. However, this enormous degree of freedom has a serious downside in that food companies run the risk of purchasing ingredients that possibly may not always satisfy quality demands or may even fail to meet international purity standards as stipulated by international and local food laws. While certified organic food products contain at least 95 per cent organic ingredients certified under several international organic standards, they also contain a small proportion of natural ingredients sourced from vegetable, mineral or marine renewable sources. Those natural ingredients are an important part of the product recipe – usually acting as emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, thickeners, preservatives and so on.

Unlike ‘organic’ or ‘certified organic’, the definition of ‘natural’ is unregulated. Natural ingredients are not certified by a third party organisation, therefore the term ‘natural’ is often applied to ingredients derived from GM materials, or to ingredients that although initially derived from natural sources have lost any ‘naturalness’ after several synthetic chemical treatments.

The Natural Food Ingredients Assessment Scheme aims to provide comprehensive validation of natural ingredients used in certified organic products. The Scheme can also help conventional cosmetic manufacturers that want to market a product made with natural ingredients but want validation of those products by a leading certification body.

Australian Certified Organic is populating an ingredients database that will give food manufacturers hundreds of approved ingredients to select from. Food ingredients suppliers can also use it to market their ingredients into the booming organic industry.

For more information call Australian Certified Organic 07 3350 5716. To register go to Australian Certified Organic

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