Hemp Growers Wanted

Wanted: Certified Organic growers who might be interested in trialling a hemp seed crop in their annual crop rotations, both as a sustainable crop alternative with a keen buyer, and also for hemp’s ability to boost soil fertility and break up compacted soils.

Our company is experiencing rapid growth and demand for our product, especially as we open up export markets. We need more certified organic hemp farmers!

You will require certified organic land, irrigation (minimal water usage) and access to good quality seeding equipment and headers.

Hemp Foods Australia contracts farmers to produce whole hemp seeds for our processing facility based in Bangalow, Nth NSW.

We guarantee to purchase all the seed you grow, depending on your location and capabilities we may also purchase the stalk / fibre from you as well,

If you would like further information please complete this form – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1K3S_48FunSov4PcxaO0k6e3n4CYBkVWIIC5-52No4yU/viewform?usp=send_form#start=invite

Contact Sheia

Email: farming@hempfoods.com.au

Mobile: 0415 358 602