Australian Organic Consultants Registry

Australian Organic offers a Consultant Registry service for companies looking for help to set up their organic business.


Consultants are assessed on their general expertise in organic production systems and are required to demonstrate their competence in delivering high standards of service to their clients.

Australian Organic is not liable for the work performed by the registered consultants, and Australian Organic in no way endorses the work conducted and completed by any consultants. Using an Australian Organic registered consultant does not guarantee in any manner that certification through Australian Certified Organic will be granted.

How can I become a registered consultant?

Prospective consultants are required to have a sound, general working knowledge of organic systems, including quality control and practices, conversion periods, national and international standards, basic financial implications, grant aid and support schemes, business practice and environmental management.

Consultants will be assessed on the basis of:

  • CV supplied
  • References linked to in the organic sector of competence
  • Background experience on the following:
    • Experience in the organic industry over a period of time, which can be verified to have bestowed technical information and skills essential for understanding organic production systems
    • Auditor experience under organic standards (NOP, JAS, EU, IFOAM, etc.) or accredited auditor by IOIA (Independent Organic Inspectors Association)
    • Academic degrees in areas of agriculture, forestry science, food technology, veterinary science, environmental science, chemistry, biochemistry or related fields
    • Experience in overseas projects, tropical production systems, growers group, seafood production, wild harvest, fair trade projects, organic and natural cosmetics or related systems relevant to specialised organic production sectors

After a successful document screening, consultants will be listed on the registry for a period of two (2) years.

NOTE: Registered consultants are required to become Australian Organic members. As a member, you might also be invited to participate as members of advisory groups pertaining to their main subject area.