Organic Certification

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Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s premier auditing, certifying and licensing company of organic and biodynamic operators. ACO certification covers producers, processors, wholesalers, packers, retailers and restaurants.

Certification with ACO allows operators to utilise the most well known organic certification mark in Australia, the Bud logo. ACO certification gives you access to more markets around the world than any other organic certification body in Australia.

Certification with ACO is recommended for businesses that wish to export or sell certified organic on a larger scale.

ACO offers market access to a wide range of international markets including Japan, China, US, Korea and Europe.

ACO administers a rigorous standard for organic production prescribed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (published by Australian Organic Ltd). The majority of organic products sold in Australia carry the ACO Bud logo, providing an assurance of organic integrity to consumers and traders.

ACO has created a labelling guide to assist clients to better understand the labelling requirements related to logo use and organic standards. The full labelling guide can be found via the ACO website.

In-conversion to organic status

Primary producers go through three stages to becoming organic (depending on the operation). In-conversion is the status given to producers when they are in the second year of converting to organic and when some start marketing their product as organic but don’t have full A grade status. Click here for more about the in-conversion period.

Imported Products

In May 2016, ACO changed the requirements for the use of the “Australian Certified Organic” logo based on the Federal Government’s announced changes to Country of Origin lACO Imported product logoabelling laws, which commenced operation on 1 July 2016.

To comply with these new laws, the current “Australian Certified Organic” logo will only be available for use on products that meet the Federal Government’s new “Australian” standard.  That is, a product must be 100% Australian; this means grown, produced and packed in Australia with no aspect of its composition, ingredients or processing coming from or taking place outside of Australia.

For all other certified products that do not meet these criteria, ACO developed the ACO Certified Organic logo. This meets the requirements of the word “Australian” not being included on the organic certification logo for products that contain imported ingredients or are sourced/produced/processed overseas.

More information about the changes can be found in the Federal Government’s communique here.

Australian Organic Registered Products

Some products, such as agricultural inputs, salt and cosmetics cannot be certified organic (because they are not grown from soil). They can carry an ‘Australian Organic Allowed Input’ or ‘Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Approved Product’ label to indicate their suitability for use in organic systems and as products that don’t contain synthetic ingredients.




Please find further information on certification labelling via ACO’s website.