Certified Organic Property for Sale – Bungawalbin NSW

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1630 Bungawalbin Whiporie Rd, Bungawalbin NSW

This property offers a relaxed lifestyle in a beautiful and serene rural environment, where the protection and enjoyment of nature are paramount. Continually populated by kangaroos and myriad birds and other wildlife, it shuts out the pitfalls of urban living and fosters a healthy, enjoyable way of life. The property is supported by a multiplicity of income streams, offering flexibility in their diversification.

The homestead, built in 2002, comprises a three bedroom house with 2.5 bathrooms, a commercial class kitchen, a lounge/dining room, and an attached function room with wet bar. The property also boasts a detached cottage with four bedrooms and a bunkroom, with 1 1/2 bathrooms, currently sleeping up to 16 persons. This is supported by an amenities block with segregated male and female showers and toilets, with three toilet and shower units on each side, and it set up for wheel chair access.

It presently produces up to one tonne of highest-grade organic tea tree oil annually. This output and its income of at least $65,000 could be readily doubled (income of up to $130,000) with additional plantings. Harvesting of the trees and subsequent processing of the oil is outsourced locally, although the property carries the infrastructure to do this on site. With tea tree being hardy plants and the bulk of the work outsourced, the earning of this income does not require onerous effort.

The three hot houses have been utilised on and off over the years, and stand ready to be exploited. The hot houses, as well as the adjacent land, can be put to use generating a significant additional income supplying organic fruit and vegetables to local restaurants, greengrocers and markets. There is plentiful land to put to other agricultural uses, such as stock-breeding and/or agistment, poultry raising for meat and/or eggs, as well as growing other crops. The reception centre is utilised for a multiplicity of uses, such as weddings (supplemented in need with the use of marquees), parties, meetings, seminars, family gatherings, and ecotourism with coaches bringing groups of 50 or more at a time for a meal and a guided tour. The additional accommodation is being used productively to generate supplementary income: it is typically occupied during holiday times, with an occupancy rate of 10% to 15% across the year.

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