The Australian Certified Organic Standard

The Australian Certified Organic Standard is the rulebook for businesses that are certified organic with Australian Organic’s certifying arm, Australian Certified Organic.

It is reviewed every three years to ensure it meets industry expectations and changes with new practices and research. 

Although there are national organic and biodynamic standards set by the Australian Government, as an organic certifier Australian Certified Organic is required to have its own standard.

As one of the strictest standards in Australia, the Australian Certified Organic Standard brings together the requirements of national and international relevant standards.

The high quality of the Australian Certified Organic Standard has earned direct equivalence with the European Union for livestock and wine export, whereas Australia’s national organic standard hasn’t been able to achieve this.

The Standard is upheld by regular and random annual audits of certified organic companies and products holding organic certification.


Australian Organic is here to guide and inform consumers about how to purchase 100% honest organic products and what certified organic really means.

Setting Standards

The Australian Certified Organic Standard is the rulebook for businesses certified with Australian Certified Organic.

Organic business

The Standard applies to a range of organic businesses - food and drink, cosmetic, fibre, farmers, processors, retailers and manufacturers of certified organic ingredients.

Consumer Choice

As one of the strictest standards in Australia, the Australian Certified Organic Standard ensures consumers have a simple choice when buying organic produce.