1. Who’s your contact?

    Who’s your contact?

    We are preparing to share a number of exciting communications with you on everything from upcoming campaigns and how you can be involved, to certification news and the latest research on the organic industry from around the world. It’s been a while since we refreshed our database and we want to make sure we’re reaching everyone in our client community, so we ask that you...

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  2. Appointment of Ben Copeman as CEO of ACO

    Appointment of Ben Copeman as CEO of ACO

    As the leading organic certification body, we are delighted to announce the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to head up and lead the Australian Certified Organic Group, Mr Ben Copeman. As you can see from the attached Media Release, Ben brings to our team a wealth of industry knowledge and an amazing grass roots background. We welcome Ben...

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  3. 2017 Australian Organic Market Report Wrap-Up

    2017 Australian Organic Market Report Wrap-Up

    Thank you to the clients, members and invited guests who attended the 2017 Australian Organic Market Report launch in Melbourne on April 20. Overall, we achieved a total of 231 clips across TV, radio, online and print; the media coverage reached well over 6 million people. The coverage achieved highlighted the issues with false organic claims in the market place and...

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  4. Organic Boxes

    Organic Boxes

    To strengthen awareness and create more exposure for our industry following the success of the Australian Organic Market Report launch, we’ll be engaging with an even wider range of media and influencers each month to keep spreading the message of organics to the masses! The best way to do it? Throughout the year, gift them a first-hand taste of our...

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  5. July News – Australian Certified Organic

    July News – Australian Certified Organic

    Updates Exporting to the EU – Introducing TRACES. From October 2017 every export to the EU is required to be lodged electronically via the European Unions system TRACES. ACO will still be issuing the required documentation to you through this system and the process for requesting an export certificate for the EU may change slightly. From October 2017 paper copies...

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