1. Farmers begin Cyclone Debbie recovery

    Farmers begin Cyclone Debbie recovery

      Queensland farmers have begun the process of rebuilding and recovery from the recent damage inflicted by Tropical Cyclone Debbie and the associated flooding. The scale of the damage has been extensive from north Queensland to northern NSW. An up to date, regional and industry specific breakdown of Queensland’s agricultural impact is available HERE. Queensland Farmers’ Federation President Stuart Armitage...

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  2. For Sale: ACO Certified Meadow Hay

    New season meadow hay for sale. Tight bales, net wrapped, 5×4 rolls. ACO certified #1399. $70 +gst. Meadows, South Australia. Phone: 0423 019 332   by

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  3. Support for Research and Development

    Support for Research and Development

    The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive offsets some of the costs of doing eligible R&D activities. It is broad-based, market-driven assistance for all industries. The aim is to encourage and support companies to engage in R&D. Companies must self-assess whether their activities meet the programme’s eligibility rules and lodge an application to register within 10 months after the end...

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  4. ACO organically certified property for Sale!

    ACO organically certified property for Sale!

    Located at Stanmore/Woodford Queensland, approximately 1 hour to the Brisbane Airport and 45 minutes to the Sunshine Coast. It is 18.5 flood free acres with 2 homes, sheds and dams. Besides the income from the supply of dried and milled lemongrass, an added bonus is that one of the homes could also be rented. Further property details and photos can be found at realestate.com.au, property numbers...

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