1. Guano Liquid Gold – Red Hot Special!

    Guano Liquid Gold – Red Hot Special!

    Sulphur is as necessary and just as important as Phosphorus and is considered an essential mineral. Sulphur in plants helps form important enzymes and assists in the formation of plant proteins. This all means, the more Sulphur you apply, the higher the protein in your pasture or grain crops. When Sulphur levels are low, grasses, because of their larger root...

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  2. Business for Sale

    Business for Sale

    After 30 years, Alf is ready to hand Eden Seeds/Select Organic to a new owner. Contact Alf Finch oursale@edenseeds.com.au with expressions of interest to arrange an appointment. by

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  3. Important Notice to Organic Soap Makers

    Important Notice to Organic Soap Makers

    At ACO we are constantly working to improve our processes and protect the reputation of certified organic products.  In line with this policy of continuous improvement, we are regularly reviewing our practices to ensure they meet the high standards of integrity that our clients expect of us and that we set for ourselves. During one of ACO’s internal reviews an...

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  4. Certification of Cosmetic Products to the EU Regulation

    Certification of Cosmetic Products to the EU Regulation

    Important changes have been made to the organic certification of non-food products to the EU Organic Regulation. ACO has been informed by our control body that non-food products (such as essential oils) can no longer be certified organic under the EU Organic Regulation as these regulations now only cover food products. This change is one ACO has to enact as...

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  5. Certified Organic Cattle for Sale: NSW

    10 – 11 Heifers in Calf : Breed:  Jersey/Friesian; Friesian/Swiss Brown; Jersey/Swiss Brown Cross Breeds (all dehorned). Born September 2012 on Binowee Dairy, Oura, NSW 17 September 2012 Bought and raised in accordance to Australian Certified Organics/Dairy Industry Protocol for health and well being and disease prevention on Beracah, Lake Albert, NSW. September 2016 moved to Green Grove Organics, Ardlethan,...

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