Australian Organic Chair Message


From Dr Andrew Monk

Australian Organic, including our certification subsidiary Australian Certified Organic, is unparalleled in Australia in having a large group of technical specialists who our customers can call on for assistance.

The dominance of the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo on certified organic products demonstrates our focus on industry-leading certification services and active promotion of your organic brand. Our popular user-pays international market access programs are a testament to our team’s effort to remain the marketplace leader in organic market access for our clients.

Our auditors follow a rigorous audit process, carry out product testing and conduct unannounced audits on certified operations and retailers to verify compliance. Choosing the Australian Certified Organic logo protects farmers, processors and consumers under law and ensures they receive what they pay for.

To represent your organic business interests, the elected board has appointed a corporate and strategic advisory board to complement the member-represented sectoral advisory groups, including horticulture, cosmetics and marketing.

Australian Organic members own the right to play a part in our strategic agenda to protect the organic marketplace, promote products that bear the Australian Certified Organic logo and make a major difference to consumer health and wellbeing for generations, all of which in turn helps farmers to care for land and animals organically, sustainably and humanely.